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New Fabrication Titles 2018
  1. Design And Fabrication of Four Side Power Hack Saw Machine By Using Scotch Yoke Mechanism.
  2. Design And Fabrication of Pneumatically Operated Four Side Hack Saw Machine By Using Scotch Yoke Mechanism.
  3. Design & Fabrication of Pneumatic Crane with 180o Rotation.
  4. Design And Fabrication of Four Mode Steering Operations For Automotives.
  5. Design And Fabrication Of Pneumatic Auto Feed Drilling Machine.
  6. Design And Fabrication Of Movable Road Barrier Vehicle In Simple Model For Road Traffic.
  7. Design And Fabrication Of Automatic Hydraulic Press For Sheet Metal For Industries.
  8. Design And Fabrication Of Power Hack Saw With Pumping System Using Scotch Yoke Mechanism.
  9. Design And Fabrication of Pneumatic Cylinder Engine By Using Timer.
  10. Design & Fabrication of Acceleration Controlling System In Traffic.
  11. Design & Fabrication of Automatic Double Axis Welding Machine.
  12. Solar Powered Water Lifter from River - Giant Wheel Method.
  13. Design & Fabrication of Link Bar Mechanism Multi Operational Machine For Industries.
  14. Design & Fabrication of Multi Operational Machines For DTP Centre Using Link Mechanism.
  15. Design And Fabrication of Timer Based Pneumatically operated Vehicle.
  16. Design & Fabrication Of Automobile Reverse Locking System Using Ratchet And Pawl Mechanism.
  17. Design And Fabrication Of Double Side Water Pumping System In Single Motor Using Scotch Yoke Mechanism.
  18. Design And Fabrication Of Auto Roll Punching Machine Using Geneva Wheel Mechanism.
  19. Design And Fabrication Of Traffic Control Unit Using Speed Braker Pneumatic System.
  20. Design And Fabrication Of Energy Re-conservation In Steam Power Plant.
  21. Implementation Of Rack And Pinion In Wash Basin To Save Excess Of Water.
  22. Design And Fabrication of dual Water Pumping System In double acting cylinder.
  23. Design And Fabrication Of Stair Climber Trolley.

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