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  1. Structural & Thermal Analysis of Gas Turbine Blade by Using ANSYS
  2. Cylinder Head Gasket Analysis to Improve its Thermal Characteristics Using Advanced Fem Tool
  3. Temperature and thermal stress analyses of a ceramic-coated aluminum alloy piston used in a diesel engine
  4. Analysis of Heat Losses in Coated On Piston Crown In Aluminum alloy piston used in a cooled bare diesel engine
  5. Effect Of Welding Parameters (Heat Input)On Mechanical Behavior And Microstructure Of Submerged Arc Welded Hsla Steel Joints
  6. Design And Static Stress Analysis Of Aluminium Based Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites In Connecting Rod
  7. Design And Analysis Of End Effector For Handling And Holding Irregular Objects.
  8. Fea Investigation To Increase The Mechanical Characterization Of Aluminum With Silicon Carbide Composite
  9. Design And Analysis Of Angle Cutting Die To Attain Exact Geometry At Cutting Face
  10. Design And Analysis Simulation Of Hydraulic Actuator Actuation Of A Bulldozer Driving System By Using Solidworks
  11. Automated And Generic Finite Element Analysis For Industrial Robot Design
  12. CFD analysis of drag reduction wind angle optimasation on cars. 13. Fea Of Al-Sic Composite In Engine Valve Guides
  13. Analysis Of Engine Cooling Waterpump Of Car & Significance Of Its Geometry.
  14. Bending Analysis Of Bolster Plate Bending For 150 Ton Power Press
  15. Bending Analysis Of Crank For 150 Ton Power Press
  16. Cfd Analysis Of Engine Cooling Water Pump Of Car & Significance Of Its Geometry
  17. Design And Analysis Of Efficient Method In Producing Oval Punching Holes On Sheet Metal
  18. Design And Analysis Of A Large Transportable Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Vessel
  19. Fea Analysis In Thermal Distribution Of Single Point Cutting Tool
  20. Finite Element Approach For The Prediction Of Residual Stresses In Aluminum Work Pieces Produced By Roller Burnishing
  21. Analysis Of Oil Pumping In A Reciprocating Compressor
  22. Failure Analysis Of Internal Combustion Engine Valves By Using Ansys
  23. Design Modification And Analysis Of Two Wheeler Cooling Fins
  24. Modeling And Analysis Of Tractor Trolley Axle Using Ansys
  25. Force Analysis Of Geneva Wheel Used In Automation
  26. Analysis of Gear Milling Cutter Using Finite Element Analysis
  27. CFD Analysis In Pressre And Velocity Of Carburetor With Different Fuel Temperature
  28. Design and thermal Analysis OF TANK for Ballast System in Ship
  29. Cad Modelling And Analysis Of Multicopter Frame And Propeller
  30. Comparative Material Analysis Of Fire Tube Boiler Pipelines With Heat Flow Analysis
  31. Comparative Analysis Of Mechanical Deformation In ”I” And “H” Beam Connecting Rod With Different Material
  32. Analysis Of Heat Losses In Yttria Zirconia, Chromium Oxide & Tungsten Carbide Coated On Piston Crown In Si Engine
  33. Analysis Of Composite Leaf Spring Using Analysis Of Composite Leaf Spring Using Fea For Light Vehicle Mini Truck
  34. Cad Modeling And Static Structural Analysis In Materials Of Alloy Wheel Rim For Two Wheeler
  35. Design Of Wind Turbine blade By Using Composite Material
  36. Finite Element Model And Static Structural Analysis Of 4-Cylinder Diesel Crankshaft
  37. Computer Aided Analysis And Design Of
  38. Hook Of An EOT Crane
  39. Design And Comparative Thermal Analysis Disk Brake For Four Wheeler
  40. Analysis Of Heat Transfer And Experimental Investigation Of Air Compressor Cylinder By Modifying External Fins
  41. Comparative Analysis Of Thermal Distribution Of Radiator Fins
  42. Analysis Of Chassis Cross Section “C” And “Box” Channel With Loading Condition
  43. Finite Element Analysis Of Mechanical Properties Of Composite Material Reinforced By Aluminum And Synthetic Fibers
  44. Finite Element Analysis Of Truck Chassis Tata 407 For Steel And Carbon Fiber Materials
  45. Modeling And Analysis Of Wheel Rim Comparative Analysis With Shape Optimization Of For Four Wheeler
  46. Cad Modeling And Comparative Deformation Analysis With Different Materials Of Automotive Crankshaft
  47. Static Structure Analysis Of Diesel Engine Camshaft
  48. Finite Element Analysis And Optimization Of Connecting Rod Using Alfasic Composites
  49. Improving The Heat Transfer Rate For Multi Cylinder Engine Piston And Piston Rings
  50. Finite Element Analysis Of Mechanical Properties Of Composite Material Reinforced By Aluminum And Synthetic Fibers
  51. Transient Structural Analysis Of High Pressure Fire Tube Boiler
  52. Cad Modeling And Finite Element Modal And Structural Analysis Of Diesel Engine Crankshaft
  53. Buckling And Structural Analysis Of Shock Absorber Using Ansys
  54. Analysis Oil Flow And Velocity Analysis Of Oil Pumping In A Reciprocating Compressor (Cfd)
  55. Simulative Analysis Of Flow Through The Exhaust Manifold For Improved Volumetric Efficiency Of A Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine (Cfd)
  56. Design And Analysis Of Bell Mouth Inlet Using Cfd
  57. Cad Modeling And Cfd 2d Analysis Of Scramjet
  58. Design And Analysis Of Rocket Nozzle With Different Inlets
  59. CFD Analysis Of Fuel Vaporization In Carburetor
  60. CFD Analysis Of Drag Reduction Wind Angle Optimization On Cars

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